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The Independent Student Newspaper at Boston University Monday, July 9, 2018
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Journalists serve the public by reporting factual information, verified by multiple sources and vetted for inaccuracies. When it comes to traumatic events that result in civilian deaths, they are responsible for bearing the weight of these tragedies while also disseminating accurate information about what’s going on at the scene.

We rely on reporters for providing us with updates for such events and information on stories that affect people’s lives. And for the most part, we assume what they’re saying is true. But when journalists misreport details, this takes away from the public’s trust of the media, and they are no longer reliable sources.

Recently, it was discovered that Kevin Cullen, a metro columnist for The Boston Globe, had fabricated information regarding the Boston marathon bombings. During a segment on his talk show, WEEI radio host Kirk Minihane reported many inconsistencies in Cullen’s recent column reflecting on the five-year anniversary of the bombings. Cullen claimed he witnessed the aftermath of the event, when he arrived to Boylston Street hours after the bombs had exploded. It was also revealed that previous columns written by Cullen closer to the 2013 attack also contained inaccurate information and even made-up people, including a firefighter named Sean who rescued a young victim of the explosions.

Especially in this age of misinformation and general distrust for the media, we cannot afford mistakes like these in newsrooms. The credibility gap between the public and the press continues to grow each day when more and more reporters abuse the trust of society. This case in particular is concerning because it involves a well-regarded columnist. Columnists are usually not pressured to write while the news breaks; they are given time to reflect and write, which makes inaccurate facts found in their work even more unsettling.

While Cullen, a former member of the Spotlight team, has been placed on administrative leave, this also reflects poorly on the Globe editorial staff as well that did not pick up on these inconsistencies and perhaps did not conduct a thorough fact-check. It’s a blow to the journalism industry if star reporters like Kevin Cullen can make up information and present it as the truth. This obviously also calls into question all of his other work for the Globe and previous newspapers.

There seems to be a lot at stake for journalists to cover events of trauma; they are expected to return with harrowing accounts and details and receive accolades for doing so. We prize these stories and laud journalists for doing this important work. However, if this culture comes into conflict with factual reporting, then perhaps we need to revisit the expectation. We certainly do not want to promote a culture where people feel comfortable lying and spreading misinformation.

During the marathon bombings, The Boston Globe was trusted as the local paper that would serve the community well when people were confused and scared by the attacks. People turned to the Globe as their primary source of information for the bombings and viewed it as an authority on the story.

The bombings have shaped Boston’s character for the past five years, with “Boston Strong” posters and graffiti displayed throughout the city. There’s a reason why post 2013, it’s especially important for people show up to support the runners and stand with them. Therefore, it’s crucial for papers like the Globe to uphold journalistic integrity in order to maintain the community’s trust.

Still, the fact that Cullen has been scrutinized and is facing consequences for fabrication indicates that we’re heading the right direction for dealing with this. Lying is not tolerated, even when it’s discovered several years after, and can put one’s career into jeopardy.

Even it was just a blunder in fact-checking or an example of falsified memory, there should be punitive measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. If journalists want a good relationship with the public, then the industry needs to work on ensuring reporting is factual, regardless of who it’s coming from.

Author: Editors


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Office of the

See Something, Say Something, Do Something

If you are concerned about a student and this is a non-emergency, we encourage you to complete a report. If you consider the situation to be an emergency, call 9-1-1. Sometimes students cannot or will not ask for support, so informing us of your concern may be a critical factor in getting them support. There are a number of reasons why students might need help that you can report on this form, including their physical and mental well-being, issues of bias, demonstrating concerning behaviors, or you are concerned they are missing. More information about these possible concerns and our process is listed below.

Report a Concern

Please note: Reports are not reviewed after hours, on weekends, or during university holidays or breaks. If you consider the situation to be an emergency, call 9-1-1.

If you select “suicide concern” it will open a suicide concern form which is used to inform the Suicide Assessment Team that a student has engaged in suicide-related behavior. Such suicide-related behavior can include making suicide threats verbally or non-verbally as well as engaging in high-risk behaviors with the intention of self harm. A member of the Suicide Assessment Team may contact the referring party to discuss the situation and explore options for addressing the concern about the student’s risk for suicide.

In some cases, the student will be contacted by the Office of the Dean of Students and directed to contact the University Counseling Center for a mandatory risk assessment.The ultimate goal is to provide the student with mental health services in order to assist the student in developing more adaptive ways to cope and adjust to psychological stress or difficulties.

Report a Suicide Concern

It is important to know that reporting sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence here does not guarantee confidentiality.If the name of a student survivor is identified, the appropriate staff in the Office of the Dean of Students will provide support and advocacy in accordance with expected protocols and procedures.

If appropriate, thisreport may also be routed to the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance to consider the appropriateness of completeinga preliminary investigation into the sexual harrassment or sexual assault allegations.Students concerned about maintaining the highest level of confidentiality possible in reporting to the university may choose to report to confidential counseling or health professionals in the University Counseling Center or the University Health Center. A team of confidential employees available to students can be found on the NIKE Womens Zoom Winflo 3 Running Shoe Hyper Turq/Whitevoltwhite VZ9CQFp

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The UO urges everyone toreport criminal activity(such as a break-in or intruder, robbery, or assault)immediately to9-1-1.For non-emergency situations on campus, contactUO Police Department's non-emergency lineat 541-346-2919.

Filtered resources

Filtered or secondary sources are summaries and analyses of the evidence derived from and based on primary sources ( unfiltered ). They provide an appraisal of the quality of studies and often make recommendations for practice.

What kinds of studies are relevant?

Use the handy metasearch tools below to find many different levels of evidence in one easy search:

- searches across a large range of evidence based sources for example, Evidence Based Synopses, Systematic Reviews, Guidelines organised by country, core primary research, eTextbooks and patient Information.

Is there more synthesised evidence that busy practitioners can access to quickly make informed decisions about patient care?

The diagram below shows higher levels of synthesised evidence.

Clinical practice guidelines "are designed to support the decision-making processes in patient care . The content of a guideline is based on a systematic review of clinical evidence - the main source for evidence-based care".

Here are some sites where you can search for Clinical Guidelines.

Practice Guidelines are also searchable in CINAHL and Medline. In CINAHL use the Limit Publication Type and select Practice Guidelines. In Dojo A0862 Original Aerosoft Women Sandals Gold Ffd700 1yL3X
use the Limit Publication Type and select Practice Guideline .

This portal provides links to guidelines developed for use in Australian health care settings.
A comprehensive database of evidence‐based clinical practice guidelines and related documents produced by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, in partnership with the American Medical Association and the American Association of Health Plans. It is updated weekly.
This provides national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health in the UK.
Promotes effective delivery of health and disability services based on evidence.
Gives users rapid access to bibliographic details and abstracts of consumer summaries, clinical practice guidelines, randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews in physiotherapy.
A source of systematic reviews of the effects of social interventions in Crime Justice, Education, International Development, and Social Welfare.
Under Publication Type Select Meta Analysis, Meta Synthesis and Systematic Review simultaneously. (Use Ctrl key).
The Cochrane Collaboration, established in 1993, aims to make the vast amounts of evidence generated through research useful for informing decisions about health.
Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health EBP source. From Publication Types select Systematic Reviews.
Under Publication Type select Meta-Analysis.
Accessed via the Cochrane site, DARE records contain details of systematic reviews of topics such as diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, screening, treatment and determinants of health.
Contains abstracts of systematic reviews and RCTs relevant to occupational therapy (critically appraised and rated to assist you to evaluate their validity and interpretability.)
Provides Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy across the scope of Speech Pathology practice. It includes systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, non-randomised controlled trials, case series and single subject design studies.
The Physiotherapy Evidence Database is a free database of over 30,000 randomised trials, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guidelines. Topics also cover related allied health disciplines. Provides citation details, abstract and link to full text, where possible.
Hosts the Evidence‐based Practice Center (EPC) Evidence Reports. Click on a category of Completed Reports (e.g. "Lung Conditions") to view individual evidence reports and summaries.
Provides a portal to look at the role, nature and sources of evidence and the application of evidence in practice in the area of palliative care.
Web‐based resource of full‐text documents that provide health information and support health‐care decision making. Limit results by Evidence Reports, protocols, or preventive medicine.
Cochrane Clinical Answers
Critically appraised topics (CATs) and critically appraised papers (CAPs) focussing on occupational therapy interventions.
established for speech pathologists to share the task of evidence-based practice in a collaborative forum
Evidence Based Child Health (Journal)
Evidence Based Healthcare and Public Health (Journal)
International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare
Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine
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Thoughtfully designing products and systems for tomorrow.

Advanced Polymers, Fibers Coatings

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Healthier materials for a healthier planet.

Globally, we currently generate some 2.5 billion metric tons of waste per year for a population that’s expected to increase by roughly 33%, to 9.2 billion people, by 2050 (as projected by the United Nations). Much of this waste is plastic, which persists in our landfills, as well as in our oceans, and endangers human, animal and ecological health. At the New Materials Institute, we think it’s time for a paradigm shift in waste management; that a material’s useful end-of-life should be considered at the design stage and that Isaac Mizrahi Live Krystal Womens Leather KneeHigh Boots Blue K5WfPphcfI
should be part of this process.

The NMI welcomes partnerships. We work with a wide range of partners to pioneer systems and materials that promote circularity, for proactive materials management. Whether it be circular materials management systems at the municipal to global scale or innovative and truly biodegradable materials that meet the high expectations of industry and the consumers they serve, we take a holistic approach to your issues. And as we work, we’re also training the next generation of engineers and scientists, so that they consider our context-driven and Green Engineering design approach in all they do.

Work with us, as we take your product, product idea, or system to our bench and thoughtfully design it for tomorrow.

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News Events

New materials, new perspectives

Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker/UGA

UGA New Materials Institute teams are working with industry partners to improve the efficiency and applications of biobased, degradable plastic alternatives and to prove their safety in land and aquatic environments. The institute was also recently awarded the first phase of a grant from the National Science Foundation that will enable the NMI to join the AmoonyFashion Womens Soft Material Buckle Peep Toe HighHeels Solid HeeledSandals Purple O7KaZ
(CB2). Based at Iowa State University, CB2 currently works to develop biobased products from agricultural resources. The collaboration with NMI will allow the expansion into the area of sustainable packaging and help connect the NMI to industry partners like Ford, 3M, ADM, Hyundai, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as other university-based research institutes and colleges.

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