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FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8
  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Leather sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 5.5" from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1"
  • Boot opening measures approximately 9.5" around
  • Distressed leather ankle boot featuring antiqued buckle strap and logoed instep zipper
FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8 FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8 FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8 FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8 FRYE Womens Jayden Cross Strap Motorcycle Boot Dark Brown-76785 ICmtSTwEx8
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Positions within these Frames are stored as a Representation of a coordinate, a representation being a description of a point in a Cartesian, spherical or cylindrical system ( astropy.coordinates.representation ). A frame that contains a representation of one or many points is said to have been ‘realized’.

For a more in depth look at the design and concepts of the Astropy coordinates system see Original Tall Uo5yN

Frames and SkyCoord

The IDIFU Womens Pointy Slip On Canvas Espadrille Flats Shoes Wide Width Black sAwIr4wp
class is a high level wrapper around the package. It provides an easier way to create and transform coordinates, by using string representations for frames rather than the classes themselves and some other usability improvements, for more information see the documentation.

The main advantage provided by is the support it provides for caching Frame attributes. Frame attributes are extra data specified with a frame, some examples in are or for observer location. Only the frames where this data is meaningful have these attributes, i.e. only the Helioprojective frames have . However, when you transform into another frame and then back to a projective frame using it will remember the attributes previously provided, and repopulate the final frame with them. If you were to do transformations using the Frames alone this would not happen.

The most important implication for this in is the parameter in the projective frames. If you create a projective frame with a attribute, if you convert back to a projective frame it will be set correctly. It should also be noted that, if you create a Heliographic frame and then transform to a projective frame with an attribute, it will not match the coordinate in the Heliographic frame. This is because you may mean to be describing a point above the defined ‘surface’ of the Sun.

The sunpy.coordinates package provides a mapping between FITS-WCS CTYPE convention and the coordinate frames as defined in sunpy.coordinates . This is used via the astropy.wcs.utils.wcs_to_celestial_frame function, with which the SunPy frames are registered upon being imported. This list is used by packages such as wcsaxes to convert from Bohemia Sandals Anxinke Womens Summer Shoes Flat Sandals with Tassels Brown LitEnfG
objects to coordinate frames.

The class creates astropy.wcs.WCS objects as amap.wcs , however, it adds some extra attributes to the object to be able to fully specify the coordinate frame. It adds heliographic_observer and rsun .

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In the world of IPv4 we do some unnumbered router-router links. Need BFD to support unnumbered interface. Cisco is contemplating this.In the world of IPv6, we use link-local router-router plus GUA loopback, BFD, OSPFv3, iBGP. This works well for us.We also run host facing IPv6 networks "nd prefix no-onlink".Despite the initial knee-jerk reaction, I have found no real downside to using unnumbered/link-local interfaces. Getting router configs down to loopback only is quite nice...

12 January, 2016 15:55

"Is there a box out there that’s smarter than this?"Ivan, RFC 1812 ( requires that ICMP messages be sourced from the transmit interface IP (if available). Has that "MUST" been relaxed by subsequent RFCs to allow for "smarter" replies (replies reflecting probe ingress interface) to traceroute probes?

12 January, 2016 17:39

Thanks for pushing me into research mode. Looks like RFC 5837 is the answer (if only someone would take the time to implement it).

12 January, 2016 17:58

Neat!Also, sorry! I didn't mean to put you to work!

12 January, 2016 16:53

I, too, am curious what others' experiences have been with this feature. My organization faces design paralysis and refuses to implement it because we are:1) Afraid the NOC won't know how to troubleshoot2) It might mess with discovery tools (NNMI, etc.)At a company that is so large that we have nearly exhausted RFC1918 space, you would think ip unnumbered would be as popular as beer at the beach. Even using /30's, it eats up slightly more than a /22 (v4) to address 4 spines of 9504's."However, do keep in mind that if you use any centralized authentication/authorization scheme and the routing protocol breaks, you won’t get into the box no matter what."I was hoping to use this feature on server farms and cloud fabrics, so OOB _should_ save the day there.

12 January, 2016 17:28

"I was hoping to use this feature on server farms and cloud fabrics, so OOB _should_ save the day there." ... in which case hop-by-hop CLI access is also no longer a requirement.

15 January, 2016 17:10

Exactly -- there's little risk to traffic, but there's definitely a real/perceived risk to the tools, support docs, and training regimens that have evolved over the years. Think of all those homebrew SNMP/Expect scripts and all those A+ certified tech school newbies.But, in the end, it'll just another academic religious battle, like whether gateways should be .1 or .254, or whether .0 and .255 are valid host IPs on large subnets, and whether /31's are good form. If you like those battles and constantly having to justify and explain yourself, then go for it.

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great tips

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I spent all but five minutes with this client and puts a horrible review like I spent hours on her and I didn’t. She made remarks that are untrue.


Unfortunately, something being untrue is not legal grounds for getting it removed from a review website.

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What you’re not understanding is there are those reviews that completely not true!!!! And as a business owner I leave certain ones that are legit negative and reply back. But there are those that are completely false either written by a competitor or ex employee!


Hi Donna. I understand your frustration, but the data actually shows that the large majority of reviews are real. However, we are providing this guide because we feel it is unfair when businesses are targeted by ex-employees, ex-spouses, competitors, or even people just reviewing the wrong business. Use our steps here to try to get those reviews removed and if you feel you are being illegally targeted or threatened by a competitor for money, etc., you should use our free course in the article that will let you know how to report a review crime.

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Matt -“The data actually shows that the large majority of reviews are real.” What data is that? How could they possibly know what’s a lie and what’s not, when done within reason. Sure, a blatant one like “there were roaches everywhere” would be easy to consider fake, but I can think of at least a dozen reasons off the top of my head why someone might have a personal beef or agenda against a business, and craft a clever, perfectly legitimate-sounding review, that’s completely untrue! How about just personal relationships for starters. What’s to stop an angry scorned lover from Libeling the S out of a business? Eesh I’m glad I’m not a business on Yelp, how frustrating. Good article.

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The data on reviews being real versus fake was studied a number of ways, depending which studies you look at. The most common way is to see which reviews were reported as fake versus not reported at all. This is by no means an exact science for the reasons you mentioned but it’s a reasonable indicator. Remember though, if fake reviews weren’t a problem, we wouldn’t have written this article.

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