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Colony Capital
8—10 May, 2019 New York City

Join us for three days of insightful talks, stimulating workshops, and unexpected connections that will supercharge your creative work. Badges for the 2019 conference are available to 99U alums in August 2018, and to everyone in September 2018.

Get Actionable Insights From Industry Leaders

Learn from the world’s top thinkers and doers in a series of main stage talks over two days. 99U speakers offer pragmatic, real-world insights that transcend creative sectors.

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Heighten Your Capabilities

Expert-hosted breakout sessions explore new ideas and methodologies around leadership, teamwork, productivity, and more.

Sharpen Your Skills

Hands-on workshops give you a chance to dive into new disciplines, trends, and technologies.

From our pre-conference kickoff to our killer closing party, 99U provides you with endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees and get exposed to new ideas.

Flex your party muscles early with a kickoff event packed to the gills with hands-on demos, games, and networking opportunities. Come to pick up your badge, stay to meet the rest of the 99U community.

No conference parties like 99U: we’ll wind down on Friday with a closing party at the Museum of Modern Art.

Leave with our much-coveted swag bag, packed with cool (and useful!) stuff. More incredible surprises await you throughout the conference - we put a ton of work into creating a beautiful experience for you.

Conference Venue

Alice Tully Hall / Lincoln Center

The 99U Conference unfolds at the gorgeously designed Alice Tully Hall, one of the most beautiful (and intimate) concert halls in the world.

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The 99U Closing Party


The official 99U Closing Party returns to MoMA, one of the world's premier art institutions.

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Hospitality Partner

The Ace Hotel

As official hospitality partner for 99U, the Ace offers a preferred room block to registered attendees.

View details

Kickoff Party

SECOND floor at the Eventi Hotel

First thing on the agenda: head to our kickoff party to pick up your conference badge early, meet fellow attendees, and get hands-on with tech demos and games.

View details

Who Attends?

99U brings together 1,000 people across a variety of practices and professions. Who should attend? Anyone in a creative field working to: put an idea into action, get inspiration from creative leaders, connect with potential collaborators, manage an effective team, or understand the trends affecting the future of creativity.

An incredible group of visionary creatives, entrepreneurs, and researchers have joined us to pull back the curtain on their creative process and share road-tested insights.


So many things from this weekend stand out. The resounding message “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”, the thought that “I am not equipment to handle someone elses success.. and more importantly there baggage.” The thought that as Angela said “I am just an ordinary girl..” AND that it really is all about my True Love.

I walked away knowing more than ever – that I am Julie, not Lysa, not Angela. I AM the unique wonderful being that GOD created 43 years ago.

I am “getting ready” as Angela said to get myself READY for when God says GO!.

This was a life changing event for me. Thank you so much for investing your energy on an “ordinary me.. who is serving an EXTRAODANARY GOD!!

Denice says

Thanks for being so real! We would get along soooo well.

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Lisa, may I just say, you are fabulous and humble. I love that about you.

Hope says

“My poop stinks just like yours. The end.” That statement makes you so endearing, Lysa! Thanks for being so real.

Lelia Chealey says

You are so the real deal!! I love you Sister!

Lysa, I’ve attended She Speaks for three years in a row. I have never even flirted with the notion that your poo smells like petunias! Just keep loving Jesus and being you! Thanks for everything, LeeBird

Kelli says

Lysa, This post just confirms why I was so blessed by you at the conference. You are just like the rest of us! Those who think they aren’t are deceiving themselves! Thank you for your transparency and obedience to the Lord. This was my first conference and I will never be the same. Can’t wait until next year!

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Oh I would have given anything to have been there at She Speaks. (one day I’m getting there!) I would have been one of the loudest clappers for you when you walked out on stage and let us know your humble heart and words. (especially the “our poop thingy”) ha ha Lysa, your honest and say it like it is approach to life and words to us, are so refreshing, inspiring and encouraging to me and I know to others too. Thank you for allowing God to use the “REAL YOU”. I LOVE that about you and your blog and the way you run Proverbs 31.org.

Blessings heaped upon blessings, Lee Ann

Terri says

Figure 1

Subject inclusion flow chart.

Table 1

Demographics and baseline co-morbid characteristics for entire sample and based on physical therapy utilization

Values represent mean (standard deviation) unless otherwise indicated.

Table 2

Utilization and costs outcomes occurring over the 2-year follow-up period for the entire sample and based on the timing and adherence of physical therapy

Table 3

Adjusted odds ratio with 99% confidence intervals of receiving specific utilization outcomes during the 2-year follow-up period based on the timing and adherence of physical therapy

Table 4

Utilization and costs outcomes occurring over the 2-year follow-up period for the entire sample and based on the combined categories of timing and adherence of physical therapy

A determination of adherence vs. non-adherence among patients who utilized physical therapy could be made for 58.3% (n = 71,559) of patients, with 51,164 (41.7%) patients excluded from the determination of adherence because they were referred to physical therapy but only attended 1 physical therapy session and it is difficult to assess any pattern of care based on a single visit since the initial visit is predominantly limited to an evaluation. Among those, 43.2% (n = 30,917) were categorized as receiving care adherent to the recommendation for active treatment and 56.8% (n = 40,642) were categorized as non-adherent. Patients who received adherent care had a mean of 6.2 (sd = 7.6) physical therapy visits compared to 15.0 visits (sd = 17.2) for those receiving non-adherent care (Table DailyShoes Womens Comfort Round Toe Mid Calf Hiking Outdoor Ankle High Eskimo Winter Fur Snow Boots Red Black Camel Tan MdY8yQR

Adjusting for the demographic and baseline co-morbid characteristics, the odds ratios for health services utilized during the 2-year follow-up period based on adherence to LBP practice guidelines are detailed in Table 3 . Compared to those receiving non-adherent care, patients receiving adherent care were less likely to receive advanced imaging (AOR = 0.72, 99% CI: 0.69, 0.76), spinal injections (AOR = 0.82, 99% CI: 0.77, 0.87) and lumbar spine surgery (AOR = 0.85, 99% CI: 0.75, 0.96). There was no difference in opioid use based on adherence. Total LBP-related costs during the 2-year follow-up for patients receiving adherent care were an average $306.69 lower (95% CI: 227.63-385.75) compared to for patients receiving non-adherent care, with a mean cost of $2,426.88 (SE = 30.04) and $2,733.57 (SE = 26.92), respectively. Similarly, prescription medication costs with adherent care were an average $347.63 lower (95% CI: 292.63-402.63) than those with non-adherent care, with a mean cost of $886.27 (SE = 19.82) and $1233.90 (SE = 19.86), respectively (Table 4 ).

Usage is the same as for other types of Hatop Mens Summer FlipFlops Slippers Beach Sandals IndoorOutdoor Casual Shoes Red zsHj9

To skip the host's SSL certificate verification, you can pass --verify=no (default is yes ):

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To use a client side certificate for the SSL communication, you can pass the path of the cert file with --cert :

If the private key is not contained in the cert file you may pass the path of the key file with --cert-key :

Use the --ssl=<PROTOCOL> to specify the desired protocol version to use. This will default to SSL v2.3 which will negotiate the highest protocol that both the server and your installation of OpenSSL support. The available protocols are ssl2.3 , ssl3 , tls1 , tls1.1 , tls1.2 . (The actually available set of protocols may vary depending on your OpenSSL installation.)

If you use HTTPie with Python version lower than 2.7.9 (can be verified with http --debug ) and need to talk to servers that use SNI (Server Name Indication) you need to install some additional dependencies:

You can use the following command to test SNI support:

By default, HTTPie only outputs the final response and the whole response message is printed (headers as well as the body). You can control what should be printed via several options:

--verbose can often be useful for debugging the request and generating documentation examples:

All the other Guess Mens Mitt Sneaker Cognac 4L9a0
are under the hood just shortcuts for the more powerful --print, -p . It accepts a string of characters each of which represents a specific part of the HTTP exchange:

Print request and response headers:

To see all the HTTP communication, i.e. the final request/response as well as any possible intermediary requests/responses, use the --all option. The intermediary HTTP communication include followed redirects (with --follow ), the first unauthorized request when HTTP digest authentication is used ( --auth=digest ), etc.

The intermediary requests/response are by default formatted according to --print, -p (and its shortcuts described above). If you'd like to change that, use the --history-print, -P option. It takes the same arguments as --print, -p but applies to the intermediary requests only.

As an optimization, the response body is downloaded from the server only if it's part of the output. This is similar to performing a HEAD request, except that it applies to any HTTP method you use.

Let's say that there is an API that returns the whole resource when it is updated, but you are only interested in the response headers to see the status code after an update:

FHKids Students MVMNT College Internship

2638 Salome Church Road Charlotte, NC 28262


Saturdays 5pm Sundays 9am, 10:30am and 12:15pm

3000 Griffith St Charlotte, NC 28203


Sundays 9:15am and 10:45am

12420 Bailey Rd. Cornelius, NC 28031


Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am

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