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    What is Interior Landscaping?

    Posted at January 24, 2013 | By : Paul Ovesen | Categories : | 0 Comment

    Interior landscaping is the practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in enclosed environments. Creative Interior Plantscapes calls this ‘interior landscaping’ even though land is not literally being reshaped. ‘Interior landscaping’ is an appropriate term because indoor environments contain plains, angles, and horizons that are softened, accentuated or altered by the addition of plants and planters-thus landscaping the interior. Similar to outdoor landscapes, interior landscapes provide spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment.

    In the trade, interior landscaping is also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping. Interior landscape firms will use one of the three terms or a combination. While interior landscaping is an accurate description of this specialty, plantscape and interiorscape are words that were invented at the birth of the interior landscape industry to define the trade. Plantscape and interiorscape may have originated in the early 1970s as the name of interior landscape companies but have since then become generic phrases that describe the specialty.

    Academics and authors tend to be aligned with one term set with their own definition. Richard Gains, AIA the author of Interior Plantscaping (1977), says he uses the term plantscapes to “differentiate from interior landscape office planning.” Gains’ plantscape definition is restricted to plants within enclosed structures. Nelson Hammer, ASLA author of Interior Landscapes: An American Design Portfolio of Green Environments (1999) features gardens inside buildings defined as ‘interior landscapes’. Interestingly, Paul Cooper landscape architect and author of Interiorscapes: gardens within buildings (2003) extend his definition to include gardens that are “open to the air, as well as gardens that, although not contained by the architecture, are intrinsic to it.” ‘Interiorscape’ is also the name of a trade magazine for the interior landscape community. In contrast of the tendency to favor one term, the cover of Interiorscape magazine bears the slogan “interior plantscaper’s most read, most awarded information source since 1981.” While the definitions differ, Interior landscape, plantscape, and interiorscape are synonymous.

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    To say this album took the scene by storm is an understatement. There are ravers (myself included) to this day who still yearn for the return of Project One. Their music represented classic hardstyle at it’s finest, a sound that we’ve never quite witnessed again.

    Whilst it’s probably impossible for me to pick an absolute favourite track from the album, “The World Is Yours” is one of the tracks I rate highest. It was just so different to the kind of hardstyle I’d been listening to previously and it really helped found my love for classic hardstyle, particularly the music released from about 2007-2010. Discovering this track, and indeed this whole album, made me feel like I was discovering hardstyle all over again.

    5.) “Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses” – DaY-Mar

    I think what really solidified my love for hardcore and sent me on a mission to educate myself was attending Masters of Hardcore when Powerhouse Productions brought it to Sydney in 2013. I was by large unfamiliar with the lineup, wasn’t sure what to expect, but was keen for the experience nevertheless.

    Whilst I enjoyed all the sets I watched, the one that really broke my brain was DaY-Mar’s closing set. I admit, I was pretty intoxicated by the time she came on to play and was not feeling altogether myself. So, when she took her place behind the decks and opened her set, I reacted weirdly. I felt this strange mixture of terror at the spectacle unfolding before me, and awe at the beauty of it all. I stood utterly still for the first 3 or 4 minutes of her set, frozen by the conflicting emotions within me. After I regained my sense of self, I excused myself from my group and went and sat up the back where I could take in the whole thing.

    After the event and once I got home, I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up for hours, struggling to keep myself occupied. I started trawling through music, starting off with hardcore tracks released by artists on the MOH lineup. Before long, I found myself drawn to DaY-Mar and her work. I stumbled across her track ‘Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses’ and immediately felt that mingled terror and awe again. This emotional reaction, coupled with samples from “Batman Begins” (I’m a huuuuuge Batman freak), made this track something special to me.

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    Revisiting the subject of classic hardstyle again, this track is particularly special to me. Released in 2007, this track was an old gem that I discovered with the assistance of an ex-boyfriend who used to play classic hardstyle compilation albums all the time in the car.

    I don’t know what else to say about this track other than hooooollly shit, the feels ! The build and eventual drop into an appropriately huge melody just kills me every time. I am completely unashamed to admit that I cried the first time I listened to this track properly.


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