We believe in making surfboards less toxic while preserving traditional methods of craftsmanship.

  • All Green Lightning custom boards are hand shaped from start-to-finish and glassed using Entropy Resins SuperSap bio-based epoxy resin. We strive to use more environmentally sensible materials while specializing in conventional techniques, including resin art and colorwork, cut laps, fabric inlays, pinlines, and glass-on fins.
  • Our Countercurrent glassing services are available to backyard and professional shapers seeking high quality epoxy work and a lower environmental impact. We offer a wide range of services from industry standard clear laminations to fully customized colorwork and finishes.
  • We seek to inspire a new generation of board builders to not only carry on this sacred craft but to be better stewards of our planet and its oceans. We serve as the surf industry distributor for Entropy Resins, offering their SuperSap bio-epoxy resin system and technical support to board builders who want to start crafting in a safer and more environmentally responsible fashion. In addition, we work closely with Sustainable Surf and Marko Foam, two of the major agents of change leading the ecoboard revolution.

Together, we can change the surf industry. Will your next board be an ecoboard?

To speak directly with Michael, our head shaper and glasser, give us a call at 978-697-7117.